How does this all work?

1) Look through my artwork and see which pieces you like the most. At this stage think about why you like those pieces - is it the colour, the style, the pose, the background?

2) Contact me and let me know you are interested in a pet portrait - either send an email to Pam[at] or use my contact tool on the main page.

3) I'll ask some questions to figure out exactly what type of portrait will suit your needs and write up a contract. At this stage we will decide on things like size, style, framing, and shipping.

4) A 25% refundable deposit will get the ball rolling. If you are on the waiting list an invoice will be sent for your deposit when work begins on your art commission.

5) I will send progress reports throughout the production of your portrait. By sending these you get to see the process unfold and I can be certain that you will love the final product.

6) When the portrait is completed you will be sent an invoice for the balance due - upon receipt of payment your artwork will be shipped to you.



As an artist I strive to fill my clients desires without compromising my artistic judgment. Good communication generally ensures that everyone is pleased, but to give additional peace of mind my works are created with no purchase obligation.

That is to say that your deposit will get the commission going, and if you are pleased with the final result you may purchase it at the quoted price. If for any reason the finished artwork does not meet your expectations you are not obliged to purchase it. 

I am confident in my ability to give you a beautiful portrait that you will be very happy with, but I also want your experince to be stress-free!

Reference Photos

Good reference photos are an extremely important part of creating a beautiful scratchboard portrait. If you are local (in PEI) I can come take reference photos myself. I also can do a portrait from your own photographs - here are a few rules and tips:

1) Copyright: Any photos you have that were taken by a professional photographer are copyrighted. You must get written permission before these can be used.


2) Take multiple photos: Multiple angles, different lighting, and different poses should be sent as these will help me to develop a good final portrait. If there is one particular photo you like most let me know (and what about it you like - for example the expression, the pose, the lighting).

3) Don't use a flash: When taking photographs of pets, indirect light is best - outside on an overcast day for example. A flash or strong sunlight can wash out important details needed for scratchboard.


4) Get down on their level: Don't shoot the photo from your (human) standing height - get down at eye-level with your pet as much as possible.

5) High Resolution: Send the highest resolution files that you have! I will email you a link for dropbox where you can upload all of your images.



I offer pet portraits in three standard sizes (see below). However if you want a size or dimensions that are not listed just send me an email and I can give you an idea of the price. All of my original scratchboards are done on archival quality Ampersand brand Claybord or Scratchbord, with archival inks. 

SMALL 5x5" Portrait - $400 CDN (~$300 USD)

My most affordable option, the 5x5" portrait looks great in a gallery-style frame on your wall or is small enough to sit on your desk. 

MEDIUM 10x10" PORTRAIT - $800 CDN (~$600 USD)

My most popular size, the 10x10" portrait is made on a 2" cradled claybord which can be hung directly without a frame or placed in a floater frame. 

(You can request a non-cradled style if you prefer).

LARGE 16x20" PORTRAIT - $1600 CDN (~$1200 USD)

My largest standard portrait size is 16x20". These boards make an impressive statement on any wall and allow me to capture your subject in near lifelike size. 

Portrait pricing overall is based on size and the number of hours it takes to create the art. These prices are a good guideline, but I will give you a precise cost once we have reviewed the details of your portrait together. When the contract is signed and deposit received work will begin on your portrait.


It typically takes between 8-16 weeks to complete and ship a scratchboard portrait. 

For the 2019 calendar year I will only be taking ONE scratchboard commission at a time and will maintain a wait list so that when one board is completed I can notify the next person on the list and get their portrait going. 
Pet portraits are special and require more time than my other freelance work, so by limiting the number of commissions I have at any one time allows me to maintain my artistic standards to deliver the best possible artwork to you.

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