All of my listings are in Canadian dollars. Feel free to use the currency converter here to get an estimate of how much your purchase will cost in non-Canadian currency. Please keep in mind that the actual conversion will vary slightly depending on what payment format you choose and the date of your purchase.

Payment options:

Currently I accept payment via PayPal and Visa/Mastercard (using the Square platform).

Canadian customers - if you wish to pay via Interac that can be arranged, just ask.

Other forms of payment may be possible, send me an email if you wish to enquire.


All of my products are made and/or packaged right here in my studio and shipped from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

I have included a shipping estimate and you will not be charged more than that, HOWEVER I am looking in to more economic shipping options and if I am able to get shipping at any lower cost than what the website tells you I will pass the savings on to you! 

Taxes and Duty:

Canadians: My shop is small and since I don't claim HST I also don't need to charge it at this time - however, as the shop grows that will change at some point (and this line of the FAQ will disappear, it's only here because it's the kind of thing that would make me curious if I visited a new web shop).

Non-Canadians: Depending on your home country you may be charged VAT or other duty or importation fees. I have no control over this so if you are concerned please check your local regulations before placing an order.

Damaged goods and Returns:

I will replace any goods that arrive damaged - please photograph the damage as early as possible and email me with the photos. (Seeing what has happened will help me to adjust my packing/shipping methods to reduce the chances of merchandise getting damaged in the future).

Convenience returns (e.g. changed mind) will be paid by the customer.

If you have any questions about a product please email me BEFORE you order and have it shipped (I am happy to provide more information or photos to make sure that you have a good idea of exactly what you will receive).

Everything else:

If you have questions about anything that isn't explained here please send me an email!


Updated May 2018

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